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Powerball Help and FAQs

We have compiled a list of FAQs related to the Powerball lottery to make sure you have the best possible lottery experience. Cannot find your question here? Get in touch with our Customer Experience Team!

What is Powerball?

Powerball is probably the biggest lottery in the United States. Tickets for the lottery can be purchased in 45 different states, which makes Powerball a multi-state lottery. It is popular amongst Americans as well as most lottery players around the world, since jackpots can reach quite high numbers.

When did Powerball start?

On April 22, 1992, the first Powerball draw took place with just 15 lotteries participating. The minimum jackpot back then was $2 million, which was then increased to $10 million in November 1997.

When do Powerball draws take place?

Powerball draws took place twice a week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, on August 23rd 2021, a 3rd day was added. This means that the Powerball draws are now every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 EST (03:59 BST/GMT).

Where do Powerball draws take place?

Draws take place in Tallahassee Florida. However, you can still bet on Powerball and check the results from the comfort of your own home, by visiting our Powerball results page.

I don’t live in any of the participating states. Can I still enter the lottery?

Yes, you most definitely can. Check out our Powerball page where you can bet on the outcome of the lottery and still get the chance to win the same jackpot! The other prize tiers are also the same - you can see these in the prize table below.

How do I bet on Powerball?

Betting on Powerball can be done in just a few easy steps:

1. Head over to our Powerball page

2. Select 5 numbers between 1-69 and one Powerball from 1-26, and complete as many entries as you wish

3. Click on 'Add to Cart' to finalise your transaction

I want to bet on every Powerball draw. Do I have to submit my numbers every time?

To make sure that you never miss a Powerball draw you can subscribe to the Powerball lottery and your bets will be placed automatically in every draw. You can select a subscription offer before you finalise your transaction, right after you select your numbers.

How do I know if I won a Powerball prize?

If you win any one of the prizes, we will send you an email to inform you and we will make sure that your money is transferred to your account as soon as possible. You can also check your numbers from our Powerball results page, which is updated after every draw.

If you are unsure whether you’re one of the lucky winners, you may contact a member of our Customer Experience Team who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

What are the minimum and maximum Powerball jackpots?

The Powerball jackpot starts from a whopping €40 million, and lucky for all Powerball players, there is no maximum!

What happens if the Powerball jackpot is not won?

Since there is no maximum jackpot, the Powerball jackpot keeps rolling over to the next draws until it is won. This means that the jackpot increases with every draw until it lands in someone’s pockets!

What was the biggest Powerball jackpot ever given out?

The biggest Powerball jackpot ever won was an amazing $1.58 billion on January 13, 2016. The prize was shared between three ticket holders in the US: The Nickel 95 Trust, Marvin and Mae Acosta, and Lisa and John Robinson. All of the winners chose the one-time cash option, landing them with approximately $327.8 million each!

Manuel Franco was another happy Powerball jackpot winner. He participated in the draw of March 27, 2019 which had a massive jackpot of 768.4 million! Mr Franco chose the cash option which was still a wonderful $477 million.

What are the odds of winning in Powerball?

There are 9 different prize tiers, with specific prizes for each tier, except for the jackpot. The jackpot is determined by ticket sales, but the minimum jackpot amount is $40 million. If there is more than one winner for a particular prize tier, the prize is divided between the winners.

The odds of winning are different for each tier. You can find the different Powerball prize tiers and the odds of winning for each specific tier in the table below:

Match Odds of Winning Prize *
5 + PowerBall 1:292,201,338 Jackpot
5 1:11,688,053 $1,000,000
4 + PowerBall 1:913,129 $50,000
4 1:36,525 $100
3 + PowerBall 1:14,494 $100
3 1:579 $7
2 + PowerBall 1:701 $7
1 + PowerBall 1:91 $4
PowerBall 1:38 $4
* The amounts shown above have been taken from the official EuroMillions lottery prize breakdown. prize amounts are calculated in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Were there any Powerball winners through

Yes! On September 30, 2017, a Laos resident snatched a wonderful $50,000 prize. The winner had heard about Powerball through friends, and found through an internet search.

How are Powerball jackpots paid out?

If you win the Tier 1 prize in Powerball, which is the jackpot, this will be paid out either as an annual payout over a period of 30 years, or as a discounted lump sum, at our discretion.

Will there be any deductions to my prize if I win the Powerball lottery?

Winnings from tiers 1, 2 and 3 will have 39.6% deducted, which aims to place you in a similar economic position you would have been if you had played the Source Lottery. Any other taxes, duties, or levies which relate to your national tax regimes may also apply.