will close its website as of the 15th November 2021. We therefore ask you to withdraw your remaining player account balance as soon as possible. As of the 4th of October, won't accept any further deposit and its lottery, scratch-cards and casino games offer will no longer be available for the customers. For further information please contact our Customer Support via phone, email and/or Live Chat.
LycaMillions Help and FAQ page

LycaMillions Help & FAQ

LycaMillions is a lottery powered by It uses its own Insured Random Number Generator (IRNG) which guarantees that numbers are selected randomly and uses a time-stamp mechanism to ensure that results are protected, so with this you could be rest assured that your games are in a safe hand.

How do I play on Lyca Millions?

Placing bets on LycaMillions is as simple as anything you could imagine! You just need to select 6 main numbers from 6 to 50 and also 1 number from 1 to 5. Once you are done with this, all you need to do is to relax and wait for the result to come and see whether you have won yourself a prize. Interesting, right?

What are my chances of winning LycaMillions Lotto?

LycaMillions Lotto offers a complete of 5 prize tiers with different odds of winning, and therefore the prizes start from matching just 3 main numbers. To win the jackpot, you would like to match all 6 main numbers plus 1 joker number. In LycaMillions Lotto, a bonus number is additionally drawn from 1 to 5 after the 6 numbers are chosen from the entire 50. The prize amounts, including the jackpot, are fixed. If quite one person wins the jackpot, the quantity is split between the winners. Have a glance at LycaMillions Lotto prize table below.

Match Prize
6 main numbers + 1 joker number £5 Million (Jackpot)
5 main numbers + 1 joker number £10,000
4 main numbers + 1 joker number £100
3 main numbers £5
1 joker number Free bet

Can I Subscribe on LycaMillions?

This is one of the simplest things you can do, after you might have selected your lucky numbers, all you need to do is to click on the 'Subscription' option before you click on "Add-to-Cart". Then from here, you click on "Pay Now" Button to place your bet and confirm your Subscription.
LycaMillions offers you to participate in multi draws as well as a monthly subscription. The Subscription option automatically enters your number for the next 4 weeks, you may choose to cancel anytime, you may also choose to change your number in your account.

Are there minimum and maximum jackpot amounts in LycaMillions Lotto?

The prize of jackpot in LycaMillions Lotto is fixed at the amount of £5 million.

How do I check if I won a LycaMillions Lotto prize?

If you win, it is our utmost responsibility to send you an email. However, you may still choose to compare your numbers to the winning numbers which are on our LycaMillions results page. We confirm that this page is updated after every draw. If you’re unsure which numbers you played, just go to your account and find it. Again, to win the LycaMillions Lotto jackpot, you have to match all 6 main numbers and a Joker number.

What happens if the jackpot isn't won?

If a jackpot isn't won during a particular LycaMillions Lotto draw, it will stay the same for the next draw and all other draws.